#MuseumsGoGreen for the climate

 Against a green background are drawn images of plants. The image is headlined with #Museumsgogreen on the top.

Museums for Future has issued a call for action for museums and cultural heritage institutions to join the social media campaign #MuseumsGoGreen during Green Week, which takes place from 19-23 April 2021. On Earth Day 22 April, museums are encouraged to share green object from their collections.

Museums for Future writes that “the world needs green museums. And while we may not be able to green our institutions overnight, we can turn our logos green and accompany that change with pledges, statements, facts about climate change and examples of best climate practice within the museum sector. Use the #MuseumsGoGreen to connect with us and the wider community!”

Museums are encouraged to show their commitment to a sustainable future by:

  • Turn your logo on social media green.
  • Share your commentary or action on climate change.
  • Join the #Curatorbattle on Earth Day (22 April). Post the greenest object from your collection together with the hashtags #GreenestObject, #MuseumsGoGreen and #Curatorbattle .