NEMO and inDICEs workshop on digital performance in museums

On 5, 12 and 19 November 2021, 18 participants from 14 countries, including a few guest participants from outside the Council of Europe, met for an online workshop organized by inDICEs and NEMO. The group gained new insights into designing a digital strategy, the goal of digitization efforts, selection criteria for digital collections as well as assessing digital capacity and performance.

The workshop ‘Monitoring & Self-Assessing the Digital Performance in Museums’ was facilitated by inDICEs – Measuring the Impact of Digital Culture, a European Horizon 2020 project that NEMO is a partner to. The project seeks to empower policy makers and decision makers in the Cultural and Creative Industries to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitalisation in their sectors. Furthermore, it addresses the need for innovative (re)use of cultural assets. A main objective of the project is to co-design participatory tools and standards to measure impact across the sector. This also formed the core subject of the three-day workshop “Monitoring & Self-Assessing the Digital Performance in Museums”.

Over the course of the three days consultation workshop, the participants discussed how to cope with the rapidly changing digital environment facing the museum, and how to tap into its opportunities while at the same time avoiding pitfalls. Designing a digital strategy and assessing capacity and performance were guiding topics. Time was dedicated to reflecting on the goal of digitization efforts, thinking about identification and selection criteria for digital collections, but there was also the opportunity to go deeper into data management and how it reflects on the supporting workflows. The final session was dedicated to a review and a brief exploration of the potential of digital user engagement, social media, and online community management.

Two particular points of success as claimed by multiple participants, were the platforms used during the series and the opportunity for networking and discussion: The participants made use of a variety of different platforms throughout the workshop series, among them, Miro, GatherTown, QANDR, and Mentimeter. Multiple participants were introduced to at least one new platform which could be made useful in their occupation. And while the participants came from a wide variety of institutions, they all had similar (digital) objectives in their roles. This made for great discussion topics and provided many opportunities for participants to share experiences and challenges and suggest solutions to one another.