NEMO at the Cultural Heritage Solving Platform

From 7-8 October 2019, NEMO attended the Cultural Heritage Solving Platform in Prague, Czech Republic. On the agenda; the future of European cultural heritage in the digital age.

Throughout the discussions a certain focus was put on:

Intangible heritage
The digital revolution provides us with new tools to preserve, protect and cherish our intangible cultural heritage. How can we use them to promote research, empower local communities and achieve better access?

Digital heritage, tech industries & start-ups - Levers for smart and inclusive growth.
How to make the most of new technologies: AI, VR, AR and gamification, while making sure that innovation is truly inclusive and not limited to urban areas?

Heritage for all
New digital technologies empower us to become co-creators of heritage: disseminating, re-using and producing content. We're looking at opportunities and challenges, identifying best practices and possible guidelines.

After intense discussions and work, the participants presented the outcomes of the day:

  • Connect heritage to communities
  • Community-driven collaborative spaces - Virtual and physical
  • Education and life-long learning to keep up with a changing socio-economic climate

>> Watch the live video from the event.

About the Cultural Heritage Solving Platform

The European Union wants to make the most of these opportunities, working together with the global heritage community. Building on the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Commission has launched a series of events dedicated to the Future of Heritage.

Taking a problem-solving approach, these platforms gather a diverse group of stakeholders, policy-makers and academia from all over the world for an open discussion. Each of the two platforms is dedicated to a specific topic, all identified as key priorities for Europe in the years to come and related to areas where cultural heritage can have a real impact and provide tangible solutions.