NEMO Call for Research about European Museums’ Participation in EU Funding Programmes

NEMO has issued a call for a research that will identify EU funding for projects focused on, or linked to, museums in the Member States of Europe in the period 2014-2017. The research should be finalized by 20 August 2019 and NEMO welcomes proposals up until 20 June 2019.

The research focuses on trans-national funds only and not the European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF). Quantitative and qualitative data should be gathered via the online databases operated by the EC (runned by EACEA) or one of its agencies. The research will shed light on the:

  1. Total amount of projects that include museums either as full or as associated partners, receiving EU funding at EU level
  2. Total budget received for projects including museums in each of the programmes at EU level
  3. Full list of museums benefitting from the EU funding and project descriptions

As for results, the study should include:

  • an executive summary of the investigation
  • a general introduction to the investigated programmes, sub-programmes and strands relevant to museums
  • tables of amounts allocated according to the main research questions specified above
  • a list of projects and project descriptions that included museums (taken from the Compendia of funded projects for the different programmes)
  • a list of sources that were taken into account for the study

Please send your proposal together with a fee estimate to by 20 June 2019. Mark your email with “Proposal - Museums and EU funding”.

Please turn to with any questions regarding the research.

>> Read the full call for more details.