NEMO contributed to conference on museums and the climate crisis

On 14 March, NEMO presented during the "MUSEUMS AND THE CLIMATE CRISIS" conference hosted by NEMO member Museum and Gallery Tivat. 

NEMO was recently invited to a conference hosted by Public Institution Museum and Gallery Tivat. The conference itself highlighted the Statement on future sustianble museum collections that was developed by NEMO and directors of National Museum Associations at NEMO's most recent annual European Museum Conference in Lahti, Finland. During the regional conference uniting museum professionals in Montenegro, NEMO's Policy Officer, Elizabeth Wilde, made a digital contribution, enriching the discourse on sustainability with a European perspective.  

Elizabeth discussed the latest actions and research undertaken by NEMO, aiming to foster sustainability within cultural institutions and highlight their potential. Elizabeth emphasised collaboration and knowledge-sharing in sustainable practices, as well as the importance of effective advocacy. Furthermore, she highlighted the unique challenges and opportunities faced by European museums, contextualising their organisation's efforts.