NEMO contributed to artist mobility programme i-Portunus with museum perspective

 This is the logo for i-Portunus. The writing is in blue set against a white background. From the "i" a yellow triangle is appearing turning part of the writing green.

Upon an invitation from the i-Portunus project, NEMO joined an ideation workshop on 22 October 2021. The pilot scheme i-Portunus supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals. NEMO contributed input on needs of various museum professionals in such a scheme.

The ideation workshop focused on the following four topics:

  • Environmental and sustainable development
  • Inclusion and accessibility
  • Virtual and hybrid mobility
  • Network and host organisations

Results from the workshop will be restituted in an additional workshop on 19 November.

i-Portunus is a pilot scheme funded by the European Commission that supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals. It funds short-term mobilities for individuals to go abroad or for hosts to attract international talent.

There have been two pilot projects, one implemented in 2019 and another which is coming to an end in December 2021.


The results of these pilots will be reviewed by the European Commission in designing the final form of i-Portunus and its funding parameters, as a permanent action of the Creative Europe programme 2021-2027.  The first projects in the new programme are planned to start in 2022.