NEMO discussed international cultural cooperation post COVID-19 at ArtLab

On 13 June 2020, NEMO joined the ArtLab panel discussion “New horizons for rethinking transnational cooperation”, which focused on the future of international cultural cooperation in the time after COVID-19.

NEMO board member Aleksandra Berberih-Slana, President of the Slovenian Museums Association, joined the online panel on behalf of NEMO. Together, the panellists suggested that a certain focus should be put on transnational cooperation, intercultural dialogue, diversity as the founding value of transnational meeting and cultural production. The panellists also brought up the need for a new common where a difference for future European policies can be made.

ArtLab is a multi-stakeholder platform, organised by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo for the past 15 years. The aim of the two online events organised in 2020, is to focus on the contribution of the cultural and creative sectors to social transformation and economic sustainability, taking into account both the lessons learned before the pandemic and those raised during the emergency.