NEMO follow-up report on the continued impact of Covid-19 on the museum sector

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© Rijeka 2020

In a new report NEMO analyses how museums have been affected by the pandemic. The findings and recommendations follow up on the main themes that emerged in the first report, namely consequences of losses, digital offers and organisations' readiness to adapt. 

The report is based on a survey that was answered by 600 museums from 48 countries between 30 October and 29 November 2020. It’s a continuation of NEMO’s initial report from May 2020 and seeks to further investigate how museums are coping with the pandemic as well as to identify crucial future investments for the sector to thrive. 

Museums are still losing income and NEMO calls for adequate financial support for the lockdown period as well as the following years to ensure the survival of the sector and help museums explore new ways of connecting with their audience.  

Suitable support is needed for museums to build on their digital momentum. Almost all museums offer online activities, but an overwhelming majority admit that they actually need assistance and guidance in their digital transition. 

NEMO recommends that museums stay open during these challenging times to offer people a place for rest and emotional recovery. There have been no reported cases of museums being infection hotspots. On the contrary, most museums are very well-equipped to allow for a Covid-19-safe experience for both visitors and employees. 

Learn more and see the supporting graphs in the full report.

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