NEMO has been invited to Speak at the Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) Conference

The Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) conference takes place in Paris, France, from 11-13 October, 2018, and aims to create a real debate on the future of Europe’s religious heritage and to create a lasting legacy for the EYCH 2018. NEMO is honoured to speak alongside stakeholders and European networks such as Civilscape, E-Faith, Efforts, Encatc, European Historic Houses and Europa Nostra.

NEMO’s Secretary General Julia Pagel will represent NEMO at the conference, which will focus on:

  • Cultural, community, economic and environmental importance of Europe’s religious heritage
  • Role of NGOs in conservation, management, re-use and promotion of places of worship
  • Examples of good practices throughout Europe
  • Measures for European institutions, national governments and politicians

Find more information and register here.

In January 2018, FRH launched the “Torch of Heritage and Culture” initiative, which aims raise awareness and safeguard the importance of Europe’s rich religious heritage. Everyone can participate in the project by submitting their story to the memory treasure box. The Tourch will travel across Europe to collect personal letters until the conference starts on 11 October.

Submit your story here.