NEMO has joined the Climate Heritage Network

The Climate Heritage Network aims to showcase the role that arts, culture and heritage can play in achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. NEMO is already convinced that the culture is essential in climate change awareness and action. In its pursuit to contribute to better and a more sustainable future, it was only natural for NEMO to join the other non-profit and voluntary organisations making up the Climate Heritage Network.

70 arts, culture and heritage organisations from around the world are part of the Climate Heritage Network, which was launched in October 2019. At COP 25 in Madrid in December 2019, the network launched the Madrid-to-Glasgow Arts, Culture and Heritage Climate Action Plan, which introduces eight scalable, culture-based climate action tools and policy solutions that will aid the members of the network and others to make the most out of culture to achieve the Paris Agreement. The plan puts the cultural dimensions of global climate action to the fore by creating a roadmap that will allow every arts, culture and heritage-related organization to do its part.

Sustainability and climate are important topics for NEMO. NEMO did not only dedicate the 2019 European Museum Conference to sustainability, it has also organised two webinars on the topic and is involved in the Museums for Future initiative.

The Climate Heritage

The Climate Heritage is a voluntary, mutual support network of local and city, state/provincial and regional, indigenous and tribal, and national arts, culture and heritage governmental and quasi-governmental boards, offices, ministries and site management agencies as well as NGOs, universities, businesses and other organizations committed to aiding their jurisdictions in tackling climate change and achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.