NEMO interviewed in podcast about cultural democracy

 This photograph shows five people sitting on a stage. They are wearing headphones and one of them is talking while looking at the audience. In the background presentation slides are projected.

In a new episode of the ‘Tales from Culturopolis’, NEMO Secretary General Julia Pagel was invited to share her opinions on museums, cultural democracy, relevance and sustainability.

Julia Pagel talked about the needs of museum to become a place about and for somebody, rather than only something. By making this human centred shift, museums will become more relevant for the community and thus increase their sustainability in terms of economic, social and work conditions. Cultural democracy and democratisation of culture are interlinked and equality important to promote sustainable museums and make them more relevant. Pagel draws on data from NEMO’s recent report on the climate crisis to emphasise the museum sector’s power in contributing to the green and sustainable transition of Europe.

The podcast episode also highlights cultural work, with a focus on the right to work in the cultural sector under decent conditions. It offers up-close look at the realities of artists and cultural workers across Europe and how they and their allies are fighting for their rights.

The episode is part of four-part podcast series that explores current discourse and practice around cultural rights across Europe. It as recorded at the 2022 conference Culturopolis, co-organized by the Culture Institute of Barcelona and Culture Action Europe, which brought together researchers, cultural workers, artists and policymakers to exchange ideas and work around cultural rights. Pagel attended the conference where she joined a panel discussion on the social transformation.