NEMO is part of Launching a Training Programme for Young Museum Professionals

The international training programme "BE MUSEUMER" aims to empower young museum professionals in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase the growth and sustainability of museums in their countries. The application process is planned to start later this year and NEMO will, amongst others, deliver a training in February 2019.

NEMO has partnered up with the Georgian Museums Association (GMA), the German Museums Association and the Dutch organisation Academie voor Cultuurmanagement to realise the project BeMuse. The objectives of BeMuse will be achieved based on a transnational mobility strategy and by empowering emerging museum operators via the intervention of leading European museum experts from Germany and Netherlands.

GMA has for several years been working towards a stronger museum sector in the region and is one of the driving forces behind the new programme. Focus will lie on the young generation who are likely ro run and drive the museum of the future forward. Education is seen as a vital cornerstone of the project and consequently will the programme aim at strengthening key competences within the museum field. By highlighting the social, educational and economic value of museums, the project initiators also hope to validate the role of museums as access points to knowledge on cultural heritage and cultural diversity.

The programme will run consecutively in museums across South Caucasus and in The Netherlands and Germany and is funded by the Creative Europe programme. A mix of trainings and seminars with leading museum professionals, creative workshops, hands-on sessions and ‘behind the scenes’ tours will be offered to the participants. More information will follow shortly on

Find more information about the project here.