NEMO joined an online conference on museums and digital development

The German online conference “Zukunft gemeinsam entwickeln –Digitale Erweiterung musealer Erlebnisse und Prozesse” took place from 27-28 October 2020. The organiser museum4punkt0 invited NEMO to share insights into how the pandemic has accelerated the digital development of museums.

Elizabeth Rosenberg, NEMO Project Officer, said “I believe we have a role to play in shaping discourse in our sector – not only immediate consequences and their solutions regarding COVID19, rather we must be bold and unafraid in our response and anticipation of the needs of our communities.” She also added “So what challenges remain? Digital literacy is one – not only upskilling staff, but digitalising sustainably and responsibly, and considering the digital divide of our audiences.”

The project museum4punkt0 connects seven cultural institutions from different regions in Germany. Across institutional borders, they have joined together to test digital products for new types of learning, experiencing, and participation in museums.