NEMO joined workshop on occupations in the domains Archives, Heritage, Libraries and Events sector

On 22 November 2022, NEMO, as a partner of the CHARTER Alliance project, participated in a hybrid workshop jointly organised by the EU funded projects Creative FLIP and INCREAS.

The workshop titled “Cultural-creative occupations in the domains Archives, Heritage, Libraries, and the Events sector” engaged different partners from the culture and creative industries, as well as from the heritage sector, to develop a roadmap towards more visible and accurate information on occupations in the two domain sectors using ESCO, the “European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations” taxonomy to define more clearly the two sectors and give them more visibility also in the European cultural statistics. 


The European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance CHARTER, brings together and represents the whole range of the cultural heritage sector in Europe. NEMO is one of 47 project partners who together strive towards making apparent the value of cultural heritage and creating a resilient and responsive sector.

CHARTER works towards creating a lasting, comprehensive strategy that will guarantee Europe has the necessary cultural heritage skills to support sustainable societies and economies.