NEMO part of co-organising Italian webinar on museum and school partnerships

On 8 March from 17:30-19:30 CET, the next webinar co-organised by NEMO, AIEM, GEM Italy and ICOM Italy takes place. The webinar (in Italian) will explore partnerships between museums and schools.

The event is part of a new series of webinars hosted by the working group “Educare al patrimonio culturale. Confronti tra professionisti italiani e internazionali”, whose 2022 webinars experienced high participation and interest. The working group is made up by representatives from the Association of Museum Educators, GEM Italy, ICOM Italy and NEMO.

The first two webinars of 2023 invite professionals who work in museums, schools and universities to reflect on partnerships dedicated to young adults in their formative path. The webinar is an opportunity to share practices and examine strategies between museums, schools and territories. Aspects from training to practice and with a certain focus on evaluation will be analysed in the webinar.