NEMO participate in the Ars Electronica festival to discuss the museum of the future

 Five people, photographed from above, sit on a couch on a stage in a dimly lit room. One of them talks and holds a microphone. On the wall a map of Europe is projected.

On 10 September 2022, NEMO Chair David Vuillaume joined the roundtable “Hatching the Future of Museums” to bring forward how networks are supporting and challenging museums, the importance of collaborations as well as the role the sector should play now. The recording can be watched online.

The roundtable discussion was part of the Ars Electronica festival that took place online and in Linz, Austria, from 7-11 September. It was presented by the project DOORS – Digital Incubator for Museums, initiated by Ars Electronica as MUSEUM BOOSTER and Ecsite, that gives small and medium-sized museums across Europe the opportunity to drive the digital and sustainable transformation of the museum sector. In addition to the challenges and opportunities that digitization offers to museums, the roundtable examined possible digitization strategies in terms of their environmental, economic and social impact.