NEMO prepares for a VoC structured dialogue on the SDGs with the European Commission

 Screenshot of a zoom meeting.

On December 2nd and 3rd, NEMO’s Project Officer and sustainability liaison, Elizabeth Rosenberg, took part in a Voices of Culture (VoC) structured dialogue. Hosted by the European Commission, experts from the culture sector were given an open space to put forth their recommendations on how best to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into the sector, as well as how best to promote the SDGs to wider society through culture.

NEMO took part in a concentrated discussion with 8 other culture sector professionals on the topic Economic Growth and Employment (SDG 8). Over the course of two days, expansive sector-relevant themes were discerned, and more detailed concerns as well as potential solutions were debated.

NEMO took part in this Voices of Culture structured dialogue to emphasize the pivotal role of museums in the success of the SDGs and the support they will require to reach the full potential of their impact. With transformational change and sustainability as a guiding mindset, the NEMO representative noted the need to transition from the terminology that aided the initial creation of the climate crisis when discussing economics; encouraging circular and community-based development rather than exponential growth of the sector and its output. The final report is being drafted and will be presented to the Commission for their consideration early next year.