NEMO Publication explores informal learning and learning without objects

The new publication of the NEMO Working Group LEM – the Learning Museum, sets out to describe the peculiarities of learning journeys within museums. Benedetta Tiana, who was asked to carry out the research and write the report, highlights some characteristics of informal learning, what it is and how it may be quantified.

The publication also explores what place factual understanding has in learning, what meaning making is, how learning occurs in a museum context, and what the role of objects is or might be. Theories about education and learning in museums are accompanied with seven case studies, which demonstrate the relationships possible between objects, narrative and learning experience.

The NEMO Working Group LEM – the Learning Museum explores topics relating to the fields of museum education, audience development, intercultural dialogue and lifelong learning. We organise exchanges and learning through regular study visits to different museums, as well as producing studies and reports.