NEMO publishes Covid-19 follow-up survey

 A museum guide is walks through an exhibition room filled with paintings and a stone sculpture. Another person is partly seen on the left side.

Six months after its first study on the impact of Covid-19 on the European museum sector, NEMO has published a follow-up survey. It is time to map where museums in Europe stand and how they deal with the issues that emerged during the pandemic.  

The second Covid study of NEMO will present an in-depth evaluation of: 

  • Income losses, its consequences and mitigation,  
  • Development of digital museum offers, and  
  • Questions related to a “new normal”, including the re-assessment of museum priorities and success criteria.  
  • Staff and visitor safety during the pandemic  

The results will feed into a new set of recommendations and will guide NEMO in determining which policies and measures should be put forward at European level.  

As the survey is published, new museum closures are announced. It is more important than ever to unite and work together to help make museums during the crisis. 

Please help NEMO and your museum colleagues worldwide by participating in the survey and sharing it with your contacts.   

Link to the survey:  

Please complete the survey by Friday 20 November 2020.  

Find all of NEMO’s Covid-19 related resources, including the results from our first research on pandemic's impact on the museum sector, on

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