NEMO publishes detailed overview of museum reopenings in Europe

© Arxiu Fotogràfic del Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges Two people wearing face masks are looking at art hanging on the wall.

© Arxiu Fotogràfic del Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges

NEMO has gathered information about museum reopenings and closures from 31 European countries. The overview lists details about reopenings, political and sector communication as well as hygiene measures. The overview is accompanied by a NEMO statement calling for museums to reopen and get support to stay open.

With the help of the members of NEMO, information of the status quo of museum operations during the pandemic has been collected. The overview lists country-specific information concerning reopenings, national guidelines and advocacy measures. The list is non-exhaustive, and additions and updates are welcomed.

Together with the overview, NEMO has released a statement calling for the comprehensive and sustainable reopening of all museums in Europe. NEMO wants policy makers to fully realise the potential in collaborating with museums to reactive urban life and assist people in finding the new normal.  

NEMO asks governments at all levels to acknowledge that museums are a resource, instead of an additional cost, in times of crisis. Museums need comprehensive and sustainable frameworks and processes to open their doors to the public and stay open during the fluctuating pandemic situation. Stable public funding - now and in the future – is required so museums can resume their activities despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic.