NEMO selected to discuss digital audiences in a Voices of Culture structured dialogue

 Young person writing on a laptop

From 13-15 December 2021, NEMO and 34 other participants will be meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to brainstorm and prepare for the structured dialogue (RE)-ENGAGING DIGITAL AUDIENCES IN THE CULTURAL SECTORS - IMPROVING AUDIENCE DATA.

The results of the Brainstorming Meeting will feed into a Dialogue Meeting with the European Commission on 8 March 2022. Main discussion points will involve:

  • COVID-19 recovery and impact on cultural consumption by digital means
  • EU’s role in supporting the development of digital audiences
  • Aspects of data collection and management with regard to 1) rebuilding existing audiences via digital means, and 2) reaching new digital audiences, with a focus on digitally deprived people

The Voices of Culture Structured Dialogue will gather experts on the topic of understanding digital audiences, with a special focus on performing arts (i.e., theatre, dance, live music), and cultural heritage (i.e., museums, galleries, historic buildings, heritage sites, intangible heritage events and activities).

In light of COVID-19, discussions should focus particularly on lessons learned from lockdown-induced practices to understand existing digital audiences and engage new ones, as well as to collect and manage digital audience data.

The target output is the development of voluntary guidelines for collecting and managing data on existing and new digital audiences. These guidelines could serve as a source of inspiration for cultural organisations and help them adapt to the ever-changing digital environment.

Voices of Culture is a platform for dialogue between the cultural sector and the European Commission provided by the European Commission.