NEMO signs statement welcoming a proposed increase of the Creative Europe budget

Ahead of the European Council discussions on the future EU budget, 93 organisations from across Europe’s cultural and creative sectors sent an open letter to the President of the European Council and other EU leaders to invest in culture in the Creative Europe 2021-2027 programme.

The signatories, NEMO being one of them, call for support of the European Parliament’s proposed budget for the Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027. The proposed budget would give a much needed increase of the Creative Europe budget to €2.8bn.

Today, Creative Europe represents a mere 0,15% of the overall EU Budget. This is by no means proportionate to our sectors’ contribution to the EU economy, which stands at €509bn in value added to GDP and over 12 million full-time jobs (7.5 % of the EU’s work force).

The signatories conclude by writing “investing in our culture is investing in our future. Let’s show a high level of ambition and shape a brighter future for Europe.”

>> Read the open letter.