NEMO Training Course on Sustainability in Cultural Heritage

Seventeen participants from twelve countries met online for the NEMO Training Course 'Sustainability in Cultural Heritage’. Caitlin Southwick of Ki Culture introduced the role and potential of sustainability in the culture sector. From agenda 2030 to circularity and carbon footprint calculations to decolonization, the course offered a wide variety of practical resources and tools accessible to every cultural heritage professional. The participants met for four engaging sessions on 18 and 26 May and 3, 11 June 2021. 

The NEMO Training Course sessions each lasted for two hours. Following the introductory session, waste and materials, energy, and social sustainability were the topics for which Southwick provided her insight and reliable resources in open-ended formats. Participants were clearly engaged with the content and delivery from Southwick as well as one another. Excellent debates about sustainable approaches and conflicts in transition were shared by the participants, who shared their experiences and provided examples of their institutions’ initiatives to the group. It was made clear by the participants that the topic should be carried forward by the Network of European Museum Organisations.

Everyone working in the museum can contribute to making their institution more sustainable, and the lessons and materials provided by Southwick made the sometimes-daunting task approachable. Interested to learn more about the resources of Ki Culture and the suggestions of Caitlin Southwick? Check out the Ki Books!  

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