NEMO Working Group LEM got to learn about Hungarian museum education

Members of the NEMO Working Group LEM – the Learning Museum met in Hungary from 10-11 October 2019 for its yearly study visit. During visits to the Hungarian Open Air Museum in Szentendre and the Museum of Trade and Tourism and the Goldberger Textile Museum in Budapest, the participants met directors and museum educators to discuss and learn about Hungarian museum education projects and initiatives.  

Hungary has made its mark in the museum education scene and it is the second time this year that NEMO goes to Hungary for training. In June 2019, museum professionals got to learn how their institutions can stay in solidarity with their communities at a NEMO Learning Exchange. This time learning and education was on the agenda and five NEMO Working Group members from Romania, Germany, Serbia, Ireland and The Netherlands as well as colleagues from Croatia, the UK and museum educators from Hungary joined.

This two day meeting was kicked off at the Hungarian Open Air Museum with a warm welcome from Dr Miklós Cseri, director general of the Hungarian Open Air Museum. Margherita Sani, the LEM working group leader thanked the hosts for their work and everyone for coming to join this study visit. Ibolya Bereczki, deputy-director of the museum, took over and introduced the participants to Skanzen’s award-winning social programmes; Dementia program, Robur program, Integrated camp, Museum in a Suitcase.

Magdolna Nagy, acting director at the Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MOKK) talked about methodological developments by stressing the centre’s role in education. Magdolna Nagy also happens to be one of four people presenting a courageous museum projects in the European Museum Slam at NEMO’s upcoming conference Museums 2030 – Sharing Recipes for a better future, which takes place from 7-10 November 2019 in Tartu, Estonia.

In Szentendre, Magdolna Nagy and her colleagues showed the participants how to involve the local community through filmmaking. They also got to join theround table discussion “A Chance with Museums” together with Rita Dabi-Farkas museum educator and MOKK coordinator, the editor of book titled "A Chance with Museums" (Ludwig Múzeum) and Márta Bokonics-Kramlik (Skanzen). After a guided tour through the remarkable Open Air Museum site the Working Group walked through the beautiful town of Szentendre.

The second day was spent in Budapest and the participants were introduced to the Museum of Trade and Tourism’s work with edutainment and how to engage the youth and the elderly in the museum. At the Goldberger Textile Museum the group got to explore the exhibition as well as to learn about the museum’s youth projects and community work. 

The Working Group thanks Anikó  Miszné Korenchy from the Museum for Trade and Tourism for organising such a fruitful study visit.