New CHARTER Alliance will unite and professionalise the European cultural heritage sector

The European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance CHARTER brings together the expertise of 47 European cultural heritage organisations to ensure a long-lasting and durable cultural heritage sector. Over four years, the Erasmus+ funded project will professionalise the sector and further demonstrate its contribution to sustainable and thriving societies and economies. NEMO is one of the project partners.

The project stems from the lack of statistical recognition of the cultural heritage (CH) sector.  Without this, the economic impact of the sector goes unnoticed and consequently, the sector’s potential to strengthen European cultural identities and social cohesion cannot be realised.

The initiative will map the needs of the CH sector to identify skills shortages and mismatches to develop fitting training programmes for already active CH professionals. The Alliance will also support the educational system to be responsive and adapt curricula and learning goals in accordance with the actual needs of the sector. Upskilling of core and transversal skills will be made easy and lifelong exchange, capacity building and movement within Europe will be encouraged. All efforts combined will professionalise the sector and CHARTER will showcase that CH is integral in achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In a letter, the project coordinator Lluís Bonet, University of Barcelona, writes that the consortium takes on the challenge and opportunity offered by the European Union to map cultural heritage as one of the EU’s prioritised strategic economic sectors with utmost responsibility. He adds “[w]e are committed to perform the best prognosis possible of the current and future needs, both in the fields of professional functions, as well as in training competences.”