NEMO Publishes Comprehensive study of European Museum Awards

The NEMO publication “European Museum Awards – A guide to quality work in museums” presents an overview of existing award schemes together with easily accessible information of how museums can apply to the awards.

The aim of the publication is to encourage museums to become acquainted with some of the most im­portant award schemes in Europe and to consider the idea of competing for one of them. As a museum applying for an award, it has to scrutinize itself and reflect over their past years’ achievements as well as where it is heading in the future. After all, assessing the quality of museum work also means assessing how the role of museums and the meaning of the word “museum” itself have changed over time. NEMO hopes that the publication will support museums in their work of delivering quality work for their communities and society at large.

Access the pdf-version of “European Museum Awards – A guide to quality work in museums” by following this link.