Norway notes slight increase of museum visits in July

© Image: Christian Fregnan Between two hugs paintings is the silhouette of a person walking exactly between them.

© Image: Christian Fregnan

According to a survey carried out by the Norwegian Museums Association, Norwegian museums have experienced an increase of visitors in July. June on the other hand showed a decrease of up to 76,7 %.  However, the association points out that the statistics should be viewed carefully since the increase is disproportionately dispersed between the responding museums.

43% of the responding museums have been open for more than 9 weeks and that 93.6% of the respondents have been open for more than six weeks. Museum visits have picked up in July compared to previous months and some museums even report better numbers compared to July 2019. It is clear though that there is a huge difference between the different museums, which has upped the average increase and gives a somewhat false view of a positive development. Kistefos is at the top of the list with an increase of +663.9%, followed by F15 with an increase of +628,4%.

50 of the responding museums have lost a significant number of visitors throughout the summer, so the overall situation is still looking quite bleak. For instance, the Oslo Museum, the Cultural History Museum, the Vigeland Museum and the Munch Museum have all reported a decrease of 82-89% in July.

The Norwegian Museums Association explains that the museums that have experienced a decrease in visitors are the ones that are dependent on international tourism.

The museums that have reported an increase are generally located in areas where Norwegians have spent their summer holidays. The Association has also noted that museums that fared well offered targeted events to reach new audience groups and experience packages. Some have also increased their marketing efforts or reduced the entrance fee.