Online toolkit helps museums embrace digital technology

 A person is taking a photo of the exhibition display with their smartphone

The online toolkit Digital Culture Compass supports museums and other heritage organisations to integrate digital technology into their work. The Charter outlines digital best practices and the Tracker allows organisations to assess their approach to digital technology and develop plans for future work.

The Charter, which is available as a pdf download, assists in shaping your approach to all aspects of digital strategy, planning and activities by using eight charter principles, developed with and for cultural organisations. It’s designed so organisations’ leaders can make and communicate a commitment to approaching digital activities in ways that are led by core values, centred on people’s needs and responsive to change.

The Tracker, the second element of the Digital Culture Compass toolkit, consists of a self-assessment tool that provides a practical framework for improving your organisation’s digital strategy, planning and activities. To access the Tracker, you have to register a free account to assess your current status, set 12-month targets and share reports with colleagues.

Watch a short video explaining the Compass and check out the handy Glossary.

The Digital Culture Compass was commissioned by Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the UK Government’s Culture is Digital initiative.