Open-source tools help museums offer richer digital experiences for visitors

The GIFT project, featuring partners from leading universities, world-renowned designers and innovative organisations in the cultural heritage sector, recently released the GIFT Box. It offers a set of open-source tools and ways of working that help museums and other cultural heritage institutions to offer richer digital experiences for their visitors.

The GIFT Box is the result of a European Union Horizon 2020 project and sets out to help cultural heritage professionals to offer experiences that combine the digital and physical. It includes resources to help design, plan and implement enhanced visitor experiences. It also includes 10 best practice examples from international museums.

The GIFT Box provides:

  • Easy to use design and planning tools that help museums make richer visitor experiences.
  • Ready-made open-source digital tools that have been developed and tested in museums.
  • Practical recommendations on how to deal with digital design and change from 10 international museums