Publication on artificial intelligence in museums

The publication "AI in Museums" provides an overview of the current state of the debate, reflects on the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in museums and presents various perspectives on the topic.

AI is becoming an increasingly important topic in the cultural sector. While museums have long focused on building digital object databases, the existing data can now become a field of application for machine learning, deep learning and foundation model approaches. This goes hand in hand with new artistic practices, curation tools, visitor analytics, chatbots, automatic translations and tailor-made text generation.

NEMO is also looking into museums and AI to see how the European museum sector best can be supported. Therefore, on 20 March NEMO is co-organising a top-level conference in Brussels on the role, challenges and the potential of museums in an increasingly AI driven society. The event will generate recommendations that will guide and support museums in the rapid development of AI.