Reactions to the Recently Persented EU Budget Post-2020 Approach

The initial approach to the next EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework was presented in early 2018. Reactions from different cultural organisations have already be noted.

With the departure of the United Kingdom there will be an approximate €12 billion annual gap in the MFF. New priorities can primarily be found in the areas of defence, migration and boarder control. Three priorities important to the cultural sector were excluded from cuts; future, innovation and youth. However, as <link file:3224 download file>the statement released by The European Alliance for Culture and the Arts on 25 January 2018 shows, the importance to include culture in the next MFF still persists.

Culture Action Europe also believes that a stronger cultural presence should be included in the next MFF. Therefore, CAE is producing a study to underline the importance of culture within the budget. CAE calls for evidence of cultural impact, especially at a European level. These can be <link mail window for sending>sent to CAE by email until 31 January.