Study about Heritage and Education at EU Level Published

Recommendations about heritage and education were recently published on request of the CULT committee of the European Parliament. NEMO is one of the contributors to “Research for CULT Committee - Education in Cultural Heritage”, and many of the recommendations meet the ones that NEMO previously has published on culture and education.

The research study concludes that cultural heritage should be at the very core of education. In order to contribute to sustainable development, cultural heritage and education should be integrated into an inclusive, horizontal and lifelong learning approach. The study summarizes that “Integration of heritage matters in a variety of sectors among which education is an important if not essential answer to:

  • Democratic citizenship;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Job growth;
  • Social inclusion;
  • Sustainable development; and
  • Well-being”

Download the pdf-version of the Research for CULT Committee - Education in Cultural Heritage here.

Access a summary of the research here.