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NEMO's next free webinar asks the question: Can museums draw inspiration from European good practice examples to make museums appealing to the audience of the future: children and young people? The webinar will introduce research and case studies on Dutch museums and cultural participation strategies.

If museums want to develop long term strategies to encourage cultural participation, they should invest on the audience of the future: children and young people.
How can museums be appealing to them? Are there some good practice examples in Europe from which to draw inspiration?

As a juror of the Children in Museums Award, Margherita Sani was impressed by the quality and quantity of candidates from the Netherlands, as well as by the innovation and creativity of the activities designed for children. So, she decided to give a closer look at the Dutch museum scene and identify the quality elements of education, exhibitions, design, and, in general, public policies and programming.

The webinar will illustrate her research and present some of the case studies, with the assumption, which will have to be proved, that there is something which makes Dutch museums special when it comes to the provision for younger audiences and families, and maybe for the public at large, indeed the "NL factor". 

Margherita Sani works at the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Region Emilia-Romagna, where she has designed and managed several EU funded projects on museum education, lifelong learning and intercultural dialogue. A board member of NEMO and an active member of several professional museum associations and networks, Margherita has been on the Jury of the Children in Museums Award since 2014.

The webinar is free and takes place on 29 January 2018, 15:00h CEST.

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This NEMO webinar is organised in cooperation with MICC - Media Integration and Communication Centre and NEMECH - New Media for Cultural Heritage.