Report on Reuse of Public Sector Information in Poland

Centrum Cyfrowe and Fundaja ePanstwo examined the implementation of the Polish Reuse Act since its adoption in February 2016. 20 cultural institutions provided feedback on their experiences.

The <link https: wp-content uploads e-1.pdf external-link-new-window external link in new>Report: Reuse of Public Sector Information in Poland Following Public Sector Information Act provides feedback from 36 Polish institutions, among them 20 cultural institutions, on how they implemented the "Act of 25 February 2016 on reuse of public sector information" in Poland. The Act's goal was to enable access to public sector information, which in this definition included cultural heritage.

The report asked how many and what kind of requests the institutions received (between 16 June 2016 and 24 April 2017), how they responded and if there was a price range in place. It was found that the main requests in the cultural sector concern images of objects, while little further information, such as databases or metadata is requested. Price lists seem to only exist if requests requiring such were made. Overall, no requests were denied (except of one that asked for an object which was not part of the collection), which may be because none of them concerned works still under copyright.

The report concludes that only little use is made of the available information. This could be due to unclear legislation concerning copyright or the difficulties in using the available data.