Report on youth, mental health and culture

Voices of Culture has published its brainstorming report Youth, Mental Health and Culture, which explores how arts and culture support young people as they face the crises of our time. It gathers data and presents recommendations for stronger participation of the arts and culture sector in public health in Europe.

The report is the result of the brainstorm sessions organised by the European Commission’s Structured Dialogue platform Voices of Culture on 4 and 5 October 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. Participants from 53 selected organisations and 23 countries from the fields of culture, health, education, and social services were invited to participate.  

In five thematic groups, the participants looked at the evidence and practice of the cultural and creative sectors on the mental health of young people from different angles. The key takeaways, the recommendations, and the conclusions are informed by their practical fieldwork. The findings lay out an extensive overview of successful projects that have been carried out by the group’s members or associated organisations for, with, and through young people and which proved to contribute to their mental health wellbeing.