Step-by-step guides on implementing sustainable changes

© Hungarian Open Air Museum This photograph depicts a person showing to children how to handle dough. They stand outside behind a wooden trough.

© Hungarian Open Air Museum

Ki Culture has released three guides that promise simple step-by-step guidance to implementing sustainable changes within cultural heritage institutions. Each guide focus on different themes, which include Waste and Material, Social Sustainability and Energy.

Waste & Materials Ki Book
A single museum can produce the same amount of waste as 365 households! The Ki Book on Waste & Materials outlines what suitable alternatives are available for the sector and how to reduce our waste.

Social Sustainability Ki Book
Social sustainability is at the core of sustainability. It’s about people and their relationship with nature, the continuity of societies’ past, present and future. Learn how we, as cultural professionals, can combat structural racism, support human rights and fight for equality and justice globally.

Energy Ki Book
Museums in the United States alone produce 12 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. That’s the same as all of the cars driving in the city of London! Energy is the invisible culprit – but just because it can’t see doesn’t mean that we can’t save it.