Study on fostering knowledge valorisation through the arts and cultural institutions

On 16 November 2022, the European Commission published a study that looks into how the arts and arts institutions contribute to uptake and deployment of research results and value creation from knowledge for the benefit of society.

NEMO contributed with the museum sector perspective to the study, which also outlines how European valorisation policy can contribute to enhancing the impact of the arts and cultural organisations in knowledge valorisation processes.

Arts and cultural organisations have a unique set of skills, competencies and talents to boost the valorisation of knowledge. The study illustrates the drivers and formats of engaging them in knowledge processes.

The study shows that arts and cultural organisations are not yet fully considered as part of knowledge ecosystems. Main challenges relate to silo thinking and the fact that different ‘languages’ are spoken that are hindering the establishment of transdisciplinary collaborations with the arts. There is also lack of adequate (long-term) funding supporting such collaborations and lack of local and (inter)regional knowledge ecosystems that successfully connect and involve all knowledge partners, including the arts.