Successful delivery of protective material to Ukrainian museums

 This photograph shows the inside of a delivery truck. The flap is open. Inside are multiple boxes.

Following NEMO’s encouragement to its members and the museum community to support Ukraine based Heritage Rescue Emergency Initiative (HERI), ICOM France and Blue Shield France sent a shipment of protective material which HERI has distributed to Ukrainian museums in need.

The convoy sent to HERI transported 15 tonnes of protection material and arrived in Przemyśl, Poland, on 6 April 2022. Przemyśl is located on the Ukrainian border opposite Lviv. The shipment was immediately transferred to Ukraine to the organization HERI. The main beneficiary museums in Ukraine include the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema in Kyiv, the Regional Museum of Local Traditions in Zaporizhzhya in south-east Ukraine as well as the Archaeological and Local History Museum in Rzhyshchiv in the Kyiv area.

See more photos and videos documenting the shipment to HERI and the Ukrainian museums in need.

HERI has put together a list of needs of museums and museum professionals in Ukraine. We welcome you to consult it and considering donating or organising a convoy to HERI. HERI representative Vasyl Rozhko is available to answer questions per email.

In a press release, ICOM France writes that 158 sites and monuments, including 13 museums, in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed in the course of the war. At the onset of the war, ICOM France and its partner Blue Shield France quickly mobilized to respond to the urgent needs of Ukrainian museums. They have organized convoys of conservation and protection material with the help and thanks to the generosity of some 40 French museums and institutions and the voluntary commitment of the art transporter André Chenue. The convoy to HERI is the second shipment organised by ICOM France and Blue Shield France. The first convoy arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on 24 March and transported 15 tonnes of protective equipment and packaging to the Institute of Polish National Heritage, which redistributed it to Ukrainian museum according to their needs.

A third convoy is being prepared by ICOM France and Blue Shield France.

Heritage Rescue Emergency Initiative (HERI) collects resources, including money, to cover the museums’ needs and communicates with those museums directly. The list of needs includes price estimates of the different items to give an overview of the overall budget that is needed to efficiently help the Ukrainian museums and museum professionals. The page and list are available in Ukrainian and English.

Donations in EUR can be sent to the bank details below. The account belongs to Tustan NGO, which is one of the co-founders of HERI. Because of the war, it has been impossible for HERI to register a new organisation and bank account. Donations in dollars and Ukrainian Hryvnia is also possible. Find more details about donations and wire transfer in this document.

Name account holder: Tustan NGO
Street: Tchaikovsky, house 17
City and postal code: 79000, Lviv region, Lviv city,
Country Ukraine
International Bank Account Number: UA 55 325365 0000002600301609010
Additional Information:
(for example: Routing number/ ABA- number for USA)