Support funds for Ukrainian artists and art worker

France has presented a 1 million euro support fund for refugee Ukrainian artists and art workers as well as dissident Russian artists. Italy is organising a 2 million support scheme. Other Members States of the EU are in the process of organising extraordinary economic support to Ukrainian artists and cultural workers.

The French support fund was presented at an informal meeting in Angers, France, on 7-8 March 2022 within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of Europe. At the meeting, the EU Ministers for Culture also adopted a statement in solidarity with Ukraine, committing to sharing practices and joining efforts to stand in solidarity with Ukrainian cultural workers, and expressing their support to artists, artistic freedom and heritage at risk, also by supporting those institutions in the EU willing to host Ukrainian artists. The topic will be discussed in more details at an ordinary Culture Ministerial Meeting in Luxemburg on 4 April.

The French support scheme will fund artistic residencies including research grants for the artists. An additional 300.000 euros will be allocated to educational institutions overseen by the French Ministry for Culture.

Italy has put forward 2 million euros that will be distributed to 20 cultural foundations to finance artistic residencies for Ukrainian nationals. Italy is also committing to rebuild the theatre in Mariupol.