Survey on Digitization and Copyright in European Museums

© Image: Werner du Plessis Three people walk through a light installation. They walk from a room lit in yellow into a blue tunnel.

© Image: Werner du Plessis

What are the challenges and obstacles for museums in Europe to digitalize their collections and make them accessible online? The NEMO Working Group Digitalisation and IPR wishes to explore this question and is inviting museums organisations and museums to answer a survey on the impact of copyright on digitization in European museums.

The NEMO Working Group wants to find out more about the status quo of digitization in museums paying particular attention to copyright issues and the implementation process of the Digital Single Market Directive (DSMD). For this purpose, the group has developed a survey directed to three relevant target groups museums organisations, national ministries and museums in European countries.

Our goals are: 

  • Providing an overview of the status quo of digitization in European museums including copyright issues.
  • Presentation of best practice examples (cooperation with collecting societies, training strategies, programmes, dealing with copyright, implementation of the DSM directives)
  • Providing a working tool for museum organisations, stakeholder for advocacy work, to set up strategies and consulting
  • Determining the current challenges/ obstacles for museums in Europe to make their collections accessible online

Select the appropriate target group below: