Survey on warm spaces offers for the community during the energy crisis

 This graphic announces the Climate Haven Project. The background is a 18th century painting of a woman reading and a child playing. The image also includes the logos of Europeana, Nemo. All Digital and the European Union.

NEMO’s Working Group LEM – the Learning Museum has contributed to the development of a survey that aims to gather an understanding of the impact of the energy crisis on educational and cultural heritage institutions. The survey is launched by Europeana and is especially looking into initiatives that mitigate effects of the crisis and that offer warm shelter for the community.   

While many institutions are facing challenges in their daily operations due to the energy crisis, some have initiated new strategies and activities to mitigate the crisis and to open up spaces to an unprecedented number of vulnerable people. These spaces provide warm shelter for the community.  The survey wish to learn how the winter warmth support has been set up and in what ways these welcoming islands are supporting and invigorating the community while meeting their urgent needs. 

The feedback, good practise examples and innovative ideas will be showcased and presented in a series of online events. The initiators of the survey acknowledge the importance to meet, share and learn by referring to NEMO’s statement on the impact of the energy crisis on museums in Europe.

The survey is developed by the Europeana Education community and the Europeana Climate Action Community, in collaboration with the LEM Working Group of NEMO and ALL DIGITAL.