The European Commission proposes a +27 % Budget Increase for the new Creative Europe Programme

On 30 May 2018, the proposal for the Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027 was presented by the European Commission. NEMO welcomes the proposal of the Commission and is happy to see that the Creative Europe’s total budget increases to 1.8 billions (+27%), which includes a 35% increase to €609 million for the CULTURE strand. The future Creative Europe programme also includes a focus on specific cultural sectors (heritage, architecture, music, literature, design fashion and cultural tourism).

The proposed Creative Europe programme will increasingly support cross-border cooperation and cross-border projects. This will be achieved by introducing simplification mechanisms and greater flexibility, enabling easier access to the programme for small organisations. Moreover a focus on mobility for artists and cultural and creative operators and a broader approach to digital transformation of the cultural and creative sectors can be identified. As one of the funded European culture networks, NEMO is especially happy to receive word about the planned continued support for European cultural networks.

Read more about the the regulation establishing the new Creative Europe programme here

The Annexes to the Regulation can be accessed here.

Follow this link for the Programme's fact sheet.

NEMO welcomes the proposal. Read more about NEMO's position here