Thoughts on social impact by museums collected in Italian MOI! meeting

 This cartoon shows three bean-shaped characters in black and white. They are smiling and looking towards their reflection in a standing mirror. In the reflection they are showing a thumbs-up.

On 22 February 2021, the second open stakeholder forum organised within the framework of MOI! Museums of Impact took place. BAM! Strategie Culturali facilitated the event, which gathered Italian museum and cultural heritage professionals, and has summarised the results of the meeting in a report.

The Bologna Stakeholder Forum was organised with the aim of introducing MOI! Museums of Impact to the Italian museum community, explaining the main purposes of the project by engaging the participants in a discussion about the self-evaluation framework. Additionally, the outcomes of the Stakeholder Forum were documented so they can be analysed and used to integrate the perspective of the Italian museum landscape into the development of the MOI! self-evaluation model.

The report summarised the main points brough up by the speakers as well as the outcomes of workshops. 85 participants were selected to join the workshops. They came from 11 Italian regions and mostly represented museum operators, employees in the educational departments and directors. The first workshop session was aimed at investigating the participants’ interest in using a strategic self-evaluation tool, such as the one proposed by MOI, and what it needs to include. The participants argued, amongst others, that the strategic tool should be transversal, flexible, sustainable and simple.

The second workshop investigated the notion of social impact shared by our participants, who agreed that social impact means to generate changes, maintain a dialogue, have a pedagogical and educational function etc.

The third open stakeholder forum will take place on 10 May 2021 and museum and heritage professionals active in the Nordic countries are invited to join. Participation is free of charge and registration is open until 5 May.

MOI! Museums of Impact
MOI! Museums of Impact is a European cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme dedicated to developing a self-evaluation framework for the European museums. The framework is meant to be used by museums as a tool to evaluate their practices and organisation with the impact on society in mind. Using the tool will help museums take a transversal look at their activities, engage in internal discussions on the aims and goals of their work, share views and set development targets. NEMO is one of the project partners.