Toolkit helps museums engage with Artificial Intelligence

© Image: Sergei Akulich The photographer has used the slow shutter function so that it looks like several people are moving quickly in front of a wall with three pictures on it.

© Image: Sergei Akulich

The toolkit, created by the Museums + AI Network, serves as a practical starting point for museum professionals who are interested in working with technologies that fit within the broad field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The aim of the toolkit is to support non specialists to better understand the possibilities of AI technologies, and empower a wide range of museum professionals to develop - strategically, ethically, and operationally robust project plans.

To better understand how AI technologies can be used by museums, the toolkit presents some case studies. For instance, one case study explains how AI provides a valuable starting point for the American Museum of Natural History when it comes to engaging with large amounts of qualitative data about, for instance, visitor experience.

The Museums + AI Network was founded in 2019 and critically examine current practice, challenges, and near future AI technologies in both the United Kingdom and United States.

Read the  free toolkit AI: A museum planning toolkit.