UNESCO report offers a breakdown of how museums across the world are doing

Read the report on the implementation of the “UNESCO 2015 Recommendation on Museums and Collections" concerning the protection and promotion of museums and collections, their diversity and their role in society to get insights on how museums across the world are fairing.

The report covers the responding member states’ advancements in fields such as legislation and statistics, the museum's functions and emerging issues for museums in society. It reflects the commitment of UNESCO Member States to assisting museums in fulfilling their role in contemporary society, so that they are partners in sustainable development through the safeguarding and  protection  of  heritage,  the  promotion  of  cultural  diversity,  the  transmission  of  scientific knowledge, the development of educational policies and lifelong learning, and fostering the creative economy  and  sustainable  tourism.  The  2015  Recommendation  also  highlights  the  importance  of integrating  these  global  guidelines  for the  protection and  promotion  of museums  and  collections  in legislations and national policies.