Karen Grøn

Karen Grøn has been museum director at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design since 2010. Previously she was curator of interpretation and audience development at Trapholt. In her view, museums can be attractions and take serious social responsibility at the same time. 

When Denmark locked down because of the Covid-19 crisis in April 2020, the first question at Trapholt was - “how can we support our society?”. This became the collaborate art piece LIGHTHOPE, which was created by 1000 participants from all over Denmark during the lock-down under direction of the artists Rasmus Bækkel Fex and Hanne G. The art piece was ready for the audience when the museum reopened in June 2020 .

In the keynote speech, Karen Grøn will dig into the potentials and problems in understanding the museums as having a social role, and ask whether this approach towards the work at museums also holds the key to understanding how the sector overall could develop.   

Karen Grøn will open the conference with a keynote speech on 17 September at 09:45. Have a look at the full programme.