Call for papers – NEMO European Museum Conference 2022

© Image: Berta Jänes Someone leaning over a table is explaining something to a group of people sitting around it.

© Image: Berta Jänes

Be part of shaping the 2022 edition of NEMO’s European Museum Conference "Innovation begins within - Resilient museums in times of disruption" by submitting a proposal to the Museum Slam on failures and/ or for a workshop session. Proposals are welcomed until 31 May 2022.

​At the conference from 9-11 October 2022 in Loulé, Portugal, NEMO wants to explore how museums can become more innovative, agile and flexible in a fast-changing and challenging world. How can innovation be a structural component of museum operations? Together we will get inspired by best-practise examples and successful techniques from other sectors. We aim to embrace failure as a learning opportunity and have a self-critical look at the museum and its operations – including leadership, working conditions, funding and audience relevance.

Find more details in the Call for Papers, or below, about the:

  1. Museum Slam on Stories of failures
  2. Workshop sessions

Please submit the following information until 31 May 2022:

  • Abstract of the presentation (subject, content, method) 
  • Name of the author 
  • Organisation and country 
  • Title of submitted proposal 
  • Synopsis of the proposal/ project (max. 400 words)
  • Biography of each presenter (max. 100 words) 
  • Send your proposal to  

Museum Slam presentation on Stories of failures  

Share your story of failure and what was learnt from failing. Similar to the Fuckup Nights – a global movement and event series in the business world – we want professionals to reveal their professional failures, stories of crashes, collaborations that did not work out, exhibitions that flopped, etc. Get ready to collectively embrace failure as the norm and have a joint cathartic experience.​

We would be pleased if you share your vision, approach, what went wrong and your learnings with us. We encourage you to use new and entertaining formats when presenting.​

5 projects will be selected to do a 5-minute presentation each. 

Workshop session

Proposals for the workshops (90 mins, max. 25 participants) must relate to one of the following themes: ​

  • Agile working structures in the museum​
  • New leadership models / strategic planning in the museum ​

Questions that the workshop should address: What is the main take-away of your experience / your initiative that could be useful for other participants? Which were the biggest challenges? How did you encourage understanding and create change within your organisation? Workshops should be interactive sessions; we encourage you to use participative and new formats.