NEMO celebrates 30 years with international conference on futureproofing museums

 This graphic announces the Nemo European Museum Conference 2022 in Loulé, Portugal. The headline reads "Innovation begins within. Resilient museums in times of disruption". The text is white and the background consists of a blue and yellow abstract image.

NEMO, the Network of European Museums Organisations, is in Loulé, Portugal, right now for the annual NEMO European Museum Conference. The programme runs from 9-11 October and was officially opened this morning. Two days of discussions, workshops and lectures with 200+ professionals from 40 countries will follow to explore innovation, agility and flexibility as essential components for museums to stay relevant and be prepared for the future.

This year commemorates the 30th anniversary of NEMO. Since 1992, NEMO has supported and acted as the voice of museums across Europe and we are thrilled to celebrate with our members and the European museum community with a conference that will support them to become more resilient and futureproof.  

Julia Pagel, Secretary General of NEMO, remarks on the importance of the event to boost international museum networking and cooperation: “For the global challenges that we are facing, as museums and as professionals, we need global answers. Sharing approaches and finding common solutions will be essential for museums’ success in the future. This is the core mission of NEMO.” 

The conference unfolds a detailed analysis of the museum sector’s varying capacity to respond to crises – be it war, the pandemic, the energy crisis, social injustice or climate change. In order to encourage museums to adopt innovation as a structural component of their operations and thus becoming more adaptable and resilient, the conference will celebrate creative skills that already exist within the sector and draw inspiration from outside the sector to find new approaches, perspectives and ideas.

Isabel Cordeiro, the Secretary of State for Culture in Portugal, who opened the conference, agrees: “The theme of the NEMO 2022 conference emphasises that reflection on museum innovation and its adaptation to social changes must emerge from within the social institutions themselves, so that they can redefine a different way of acting and communicating and, thereby, accompanying and adapting to new social and economic conditions, as well as to the new information and communication technologies of contemporary society.”