NEMO discussed museums and the SDGs in the Baltics at online conference

 Screenshot of a digital conference.

On 23 September 2021, NEMO joined the online conference “Localising the Sustainable Development Goals through Baltic museums and libraries 'Ask your museum, ask your library!'” to discuss challenges and opportunities of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for museums in European and Baltic contexts.

NEMO was invited to the conference after bringing the conversation about the SDGs to the Baltics during the NEMO European Museums Conference in Tartu, Estonia, in 2019. Not only did the conference focus on the SDGs but the climate action initiative Museums for Future was launched.

At Localising the Sustainable Development Goals through Baltic museums and libraries 'Ask your museum, ask your library!', NEMO Sustainability Expert Elizabeth Rosenberg said "Museums can connect through networks such as NEMO to discuss challenges and come up with solutions. By asking NEMO network member colleagues, I was overwhelmed with great examples of museums in the Baltics addressing the SDGs, which I was then happy to include in this presentation. Communication, co-learning and collaboration are key in creating a sustainable sector. When we take on new challenges, let’s make our discerned solutions shareable!". She also encouraged the conference participants to join the global climate strike tomorrow Friday 24 September.

The conference runs from 22-24 September and is organised by the Latvian Museum Association, the National Library of Latvia and the Latvian Librarians’ Association in cooperation with the Estonian and Lithuanian Museum and Librarians’ Associations and the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO. This year marks thirty years since Latvia’s accession to international organisations – the UN and UNESCO – whose activities are aimed at ensuring global peace and security and promoting sustainable development by facilitating international cooperation in achieving these goals.