Reviewed EU Public Sector Information (PSI Directive) Adopted

On 6 June 2019, the EU Member States adopted the reviewed Directive on Open Data and the Re-use of at the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting. NEMO has long argued for the need of more resources to enable museums to adopt the new directive and welcomes the proposed flexibility.

The directive from 2003 on the re-use of public sector information, known as the PSI directive, is a core element of the European strategy to open up government data for further economic exploitation. It was reviewed in July 2013 to encourage member states to make as much material held by public sector bodies available for re-use as possible to foster transparency, data-based innovation and fair competition.

NEMO had argued both in public consultations as well as with the respective Directorate at the Commission that museums are in need for additional human, financial, technical knowledge and funding to be able to fulfil the requests to make their material available online. NEMO also draws attention to the fact that copyright uncertainties often prevent museums from making their material accessible. NEMO also argues that a distinction that should be made between free re-use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.  

NEMO is happy to see that the PSI directive now allows public sector bodies that are required to generate revenue to cover a substantial part of their costs relating to the performance of their public tasks; including libraries, including university libraries, museums and archives; and private partners. 

Following the publication of the PSI Directive in the Official Journal of the European Union, the EU Member States will have two years to implement it into their national legislation.

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